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Moore telegraphs Martha they will give money for either case mentioned in the Highlander.


Ms. Judd says that the Prince of Wales is speaking tomorrow in London on the Columbia Broadcasting Station.

A telegraph From the Chamberlin Johnson DuBose Company (department store) concerning an overdue balance of $7.50.

Berry asks Bonner to send fifty stories of the Berry Schools, fifty Sunday Lady pamphlets and good pictures for the newspaper to the Hotel Vendome.

Ms. Estey says she expects to arrive Friday afternoon with Miss North and Silvester Taylor.

Smiley asks Martha Berry to wire when she will arrive and sayin the 29th is her only open date

Mr. Beall asks Miss Berry to accept his invitation to attend the opening of the new Sears.

Mrs. David Milton sends a night letter (telegram) to Martha Berry in order to clear her arrival the following day at 7pm so that she may spend a day at the school, upon Martha Berry's prior request.

Mrs. Inman lets Miss Berry know who is on the way: Mrs. Kizeb, Mrs. Egan and Mrs. Inman.

Mrs. Hammond wishes she could be present for Miss Berry's commencement but says she will be there in spirit.

This telegraph from Dr. Chas M Proctor informs Miss Berry that the train will be one and one half hours late.

Kate Ladd asks for the number of students at Berry so she may do the Christmas order.

Martha Berry writes to Mrs. Ladd to thank her for the Christmas candy she sent, and tells her how happy it makes the students. She informs Mrs. Ladd that Christmas was sad as her mother broke her hip and then passed away in December. She says that the end was peaceful, however, and that the whole family was together. She explains that she thought about telegraphing Mrs. Ladd because she needed sympathy but since Mrs. Ladd was unwell, Miss Berry decided to wait to write.

The Hoehlers send that they wish they could have been there for the anniversary celebration, but were held up by rain.

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