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A telegram requesting for a satisfying performance from a quartet of either boys or girls from Berry at Palmbeach.

Martha Berry informs Inez that an air mail letter was sent to the Flamingo on Wednesday, and that important visitors are coming Sunday. She recommends that Inez return immediately by train.

Telegram is from Martha Berry to unknown person expressing thanks. Handwritten name of Hanson.

Letter from Martha Berry to Mrs. John Henry Hammond in appreciation of her telegram at commencement. Miss Berry also mentions her recovery, delays in being able to construct a dormitory, and resignation of Mr. Frank R. Chambers as trustee.


A telegram from Emily V Hammond to Miss Martha Berry hoping her well enough to attend the commencement exercises this week.


Love sent from the Berry Pilgrims to Miss Martha Berry and a line saying that they cherish the school and are full of admiration and love for Martha.


In this telegram Mary Crow wishes Martha Berry a happy mountain day.

Nicholoy asks if Miss Berry would meet Wednesday evening for the Cosmopolitan Club.

McWane says he will see Mister Towers on Friday and will leave for New York on Saturday.

S. W. McGill writes to The Schools, not knowing if Miss Berry is home. He asks if it would be possible for him, his friends, and Mrs. McGill to visit The Schools on February 22. There is a handwritten note on the back of the paper, saying that due to previous engagements, Miss Berry will be unable to see the McGills. The writer says that they would be glad to have the visitors anytime after Sunday. This note is transferred to type on the front of the paper, marking it as a telegram.

Martha telegrams to see if Mr. McGill could come to Berry in the next few days before she leaves.

Telegram to Martha Berry from Emily Vanderbilt Hammond informing Martha Berry that the newspaper articles and report of the school have been received and that Mrs. Ogden Reid will try to have a story printed in the Herald Tribune. Hammond asks Berry to confirm a date for her radio broadcast. She cautions that funds are hard to raise and suggests that Berry try to cut expenses.

Margaret Earnshaw wires Martha Berry to tell her of her upcoming visit to Rome.


Rose Dexter thanks Martha Berry for replying to her and sets aside a day to meet.


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