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A letter from G. Leland Green to Martha Berry, asking her a couple of questions, including if she would allow some students to leave the school early to obtain teaching jobs.

A memo to Dr. Leland Green from Martha Berry concerning the dismissal of Mr. Beaschler, who was only to be there for eight and a half months and had been there for ten already.

A full list of how the 1938 catalog should list the faculty and staff at the schools.

In this letter Martha Berry tells Mrs. Ely that the girls she suggested will not be furnish the girls she suggested.

Miss Berry thanks Miss Jones for the post cards that could be used for work by Berry's teachers.

Emma L. Merrill writes to say that she wishes she could give more, but that as a retired teacher her donation of $5 is all she can afford.

Request to Mr. Leibold, secretary to Henry Ford, for monetary help in Mr. Ford's absence from the country. Miss Berry's bronchitis prevented her from raising money for a time, so she was $40,000 behind in her fundraising and unable to pay teachers at the end of the year.

Anthony, a Berry alumna, encloses a gift from her school, Fort Perry. She is proud that she and several other "sons and daughters of dear old Berry" all came from Fort Perry School.

Alice B. Warden from Martha Berry thanking her for her donation to the dormitory. Miss Berry informs her that the donations form the teachers and boys and girls will mean the most. She thanks her again and expresses her appreciation.

Martha Berry thanks Mr. Seely for some homespun material that she will use to make a suit and will do her best to advertise his product. Berry thanks Mr. Seely for entertaining her teachers during a recent trip they made to the Grove Park Inn. Miss Berry says that the Schools will be ready for the three deer that Mr Seely is sending.

Moore sends a Thanksgiving contribution. She is principal of a school and expresses her wish to come to Berry to help with the school, but she has been prevented in doing so by ill health.

Martha Berry thanks Miss Kruke for her gift, lets her know that she has no teacher positions, and expresses her intrest in having Miss Kruke talk to the students about her leadership experiences in rural communities.

Berry responds to Gregg's letter asking that Hampton not talk to Mrs. Groff about leaving Berry. They already have a shortage of teachers at Berry and cannot pay them what Hampton could. Berry asks Gregg not to talk to any other teachers from Berry.

James Gregg will not pursue Mrs. and Mr. Groff and make them an offer to leave Berry for his school. Gregg wants to do the right thing so other schools will not steal teachers away from him.

Berry writes to Mr. Cook to ask if he may get a furlough in order to return to the Berry School, because of a shortage of teachers. Berry says that both she and the boys at the school miss Mr. Cook very much.


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