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Franklin Gottshall lets Martha Berry know he saw the schools in the newsreel the "March of Time", and was proud to have been associated with the schools as a teacher.

This is a pamphlet for donations to be made for scholarships. It tells a true story about a girl named Leafy. Mrs. Evans (It's difficult to read her first name) donated one thousand dollars to the students in need. Keep in mind that where it says author, she did not write the article, but rather the check for the donation.

Martha Berry is concerned that the catalog isn't showing enough of the members of the high school staffs that are getting large salaries. She also states that the two high schools should share some of the teachers.

Berry is glad that Wingo will consider coming to teach at the Boys School. The school can offer her a salary of $60 a month with room and board. Wingo's mother is also offered room and board at $20 a month.

Berry writes to Alice Wingo in hopes that she might come to the Berry School to teach English during the next school year. Since many of the male teachers have gone to war, the school is short for the new year.

Wingo is interested in the teaching position the Berry School, but she asks Martha Berry for further information, including if she may bring her mother with her.

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