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Mrs. Hall asks for the bill of her taxes for Bradley County to be sent to her.


Scottsboro, Alabama Tax Collector Leola Matthews sends Martha Berry a notice of state and county taxes for 1929 on land purchased from M.H. Ladd.

Martha Berry sends Leola Matthews the amount she owes to cover her annual taxes.


Martha Berry's brother Tom Berry encloses tax notices for property in DeKalb County, Alabama from their mother's (Mrs. Thomas Berry's) estate.


Caroline Hazard, philanthropist and former president of Wellesley College, sends a donation to the Berry Schools and urges Martha Berry to get involved in securing a better school tax from the state to keep schools in Georgia open, including those for African Americans.

This tax reciept states that Martha Berry ows forty eight dollars and fourty four sense.

Mary writes to Martha saying she wishes she could visit Berry but she hasn't the money between bills and taxes.

Letter to Martha Berry from G. E. Maddox concerning the tax increase for The Berry Schools.

Mr. Maddox writes he will go over the audit and speak with Mr. Alston about getting a financial statement for the schools. He will advise Miss Berry in a few days.

Berry writes to Maddox to clarify for financial statements that Henry Ford has not purchased her home, a rumor she suggests may have been started in Rome.

Martha Berry sends her tax money needed for Tampa, FL.



Miss Berry asks Mr. Cockrill to check on the taxes for the lots down in Druid Hills.

Mr. Cureton writes to Martha Berry about her taxes for 1927.


A letter to Martha Berry enclosing a collector's receipt for taxes from 1927. It states that the taxes from 1928 will be sent to her when they are due.

This letter states that a Mr. William Stewart was not in a financial position to contribute a scholarship to the Berry Schools in 1927 because of the Federal Inheritance Tax and various estate taxes. The author urges Miss Berry to send more literature to Mr. Stewart in the hopes that he will send a scholarship in the future.

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