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The card expresses thanks for an expression of sympathy.



Martha Berry says that Mr. Macy was a best friend, and sends the students, faculty and her own sympathy.

A sympathy letter to Mr. & Mrs. Noal Macy consoling them for the death of a friend. Martha states that she will try to attend the funeral.

In this letter Mrs. McCready donates one dollar in response to an appeal letter.

Miss Berry tells Mrs. Hadley that her gift has brought her courage to continue in the work of the Berry Schools and explains the importance of giving to Berry. She sends her condolences for Mrs. Hadley's husband and tells her she's taken his name off the mailing list.

Martha Berry thanks Mrs. Cross for her gift and passes along her sympathies.

Martha Berry reaches out to one of her friends.

Miss Berry sends her sympathy to Mrs. Carlisle at the death of her father-in-law. She also talks about her upcoming trip to Mauheim and her lack of energy to work on Mr. Byer's story.



Berry writes to Carlisle to express her sympathy for his family after his father's death. She also thanks him for lending Mr. Byers and for all his kindnesses.


Mr. Barrow writes to Martha Berry, saying that it has been a hard year for all the world. He hopes that the suffering will bring everyone closer together. He encloses $2 of sympathy for Miss Berry.

Martha Berry writes to Mr. and Mrs. B. N. Weitman to express sympathy for the death of their son. She assures the Weitman that the doctors in Rome did everything possible to save him, but that his infection was too serious.

Miss Berry expresses her sympathy for Mrs. Seeler on the death of her husband. She thanks Mrs. Seeler for her generous gift and invites her to visit as soon as she can.

Miss Berry expresses her sympathy to Miss Seeler and asks her to visit the schools soon. She also asks Miss Seeler to look up her nephew who is studying in New York.

Martha Berry writes in sympathy on the death of Mrs. Olmstead's daughter and invites her to visit Berry.

A telegram from G. Lister Carlisle Jr. that brings news of Edgar Seeler's (Carlisle's brother in law) death. The Berry Schools respond with the news that Martha Berry is abroad and extend their sympathies.

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