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Mr. Adams writes to donate $23.48 to the Schools from his Sunday School.

Donation of Sunday School Cards for students. Promise of more cards later. No date shown.

Helena Terwerda sends Sunday School papers.

The Berry Schools tell Mrs. Taylor about the children in the Log Cabin Sunday School and thanks her for sending Sunday school papers.

Olive Taylor offers to send Martha Berry papers for her Sunday School.

Miss Smith writes to enclose her Sunday School papers and ask what other kinds of papers Miss Berry might be interested in. She includes a description of herself, her Sunday School class and her music lesson pupils. She asks Miss Berry to write soon and tell her new friend all about her Sunday School class.

The Schools write to Miss Smiley to thank her for sending the Sunday School papers.

Reverend Skerrye asks Miss Berry to write a personal letter to his Sunday School children that they might understand the great work the Berry Schools are doing.

Miss Sisco writes to tell Miss Berry that the primary department of the Mountain View M. E. Church has decided to save their Sunday School papers to send to the children at the Berry Schools.

Mildred Siewert writes to see whether or not Miss Berry received the Sunday School papers her third-year primary class sent and to ask Miss Berry to write soon so that they may learn more about the "little mountaineer children in Georgia."

The Berry Schools write to Miss Siewert to thank her for the Sunday School papers and to inform her that there is no longer a need for more literature.

Mrs. Rice sends her Sunday School papers and asks if there is still a need for them in the future.

Miss Berry writes to give more information about the Berry Schools and to say that she has received enough Sunday School papers to last a long while.

Miss Reed writes to tell Miss Berry about the interest her class of Italian Methodist girls have in the work of her schools. She writes to ask for more information and for a list of the needs of the schools, and to inform Miss Berry of their intention to send Sunday School papers.

writes to say that he would sent the Berry Schools his Sunday school papers and try to get some of his friends to do the same.

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