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Ms. Houser is writing to Miss Berry to instruct her to use ten of the twelve enclosed dollars to help one "Case Number 3" get and education and to use the other two dollars to buy a subscription to a magazine called "Pathfinder", which could be added to the library.

Martha Berry thanks Mrs. Forrest for sending a subscription to American Forests and invites her to visit the school.

American Forests Magazine will be sent as a gift from Mrs. Katharine A. Forrest.

Form specifies a subscription for $150.

Hinton encloses a $25 check keeping with his subscription at this time of year.

Letter with $5 subscription.

Letter to Martha Berry from A.A. Welch informing her that he received a copy of the Southern Highlander and it made him wonder when he last paid his subscription and wonders if Miss Berry might be able to tell them.

Mr. Hoge writes to Martha with a list of donors that have let their subscriptions expire and asks that she write them to bring back their subscriptions

Hazard sends $100 as a special subscription for the work of The Berry Schools.

Mrs. Curtis writes that she has paid a full subscription in May so she asks them not to ask her for one twice a year because it annoys her and it won't do any good.

A letter thanking Mr. Appleton for the subscription of $25.00 to be paid in semi-annual installments.

Letter accompanying subscription renewal.

Ansley writes to Martha with a donation to the Berry Schools and noting that he will double the usual subscription for this year and to remind him if he slows about it.

The Merriam Coal Company writes to the Berry Schools, in particular Mr. E. H. Hoge, to send their last subscription payment, wishing that their contribution to the schools could be greater.

Mrs. Jones writes to Martha with her subscription towards the Berry School.

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