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Miss Crosby donates to the school's Theatre Arts program. The commencement has just ended and the seniors have left. An early version of the work-study program is "well underway" and the students are grateful for the opportunity.

Anna W. Hollenback would like to help the Berry Schools by selling some of the items that the students have made. However, with the Great Depression, it is difficult to find people to buy them. Hollenback also says she is glad Martha Berry's eyes have improved.

A letter to Mr. Hammerick from Margaret Edenfield asking for the refunding of registration fees due to her brother's suspension.

Berry places great importance on night classes for the work students and wishes Green well for the school year.

A letter verifying the specifics of the two luncheon sets that Mrs. Horbruck ordered from the student enterprises. She requests a return letter with the specifics of her order in order to completely satisfy her hopes for the order.

A letter to Martha Berry regarding the payment of tuition for work Eloise Stevens did.

A letter to Martha Berry asking her to wait until spring semester or the following fall to make the students pay their school fees in cash instead of through work credit.

Mr. Skinner opens by posing the problem of an unequal distribution of student labor on campus. He says that, even though the demand for labor has increased, the supply has decreased with the closure of two dorms and lays out the statistics for this fact. The shortage in student workers has forced the foreman running their work with half the number of laborers. School events and socials, which the department would see denying the students attendance unreasonable, further decrease their numbers, especially since they are not informed when students are involved in such events. He asks that this issues be addressed and that some manner of consistency be reached in student scheduling.

Mrs. Strong is thanking Martha for a box of cotton she sent her. She is sending Martha information about her plans for her foundation.

E. H. Hoge, comptroller for the Berry Schools, writes concerning the great weight of some kitchen utensils sent to the schools by Mr. Ford. Two girls were required to lift two of the large frying pans and three saute pans. Mr. Hoge leaves to Mr. Liebold the decision about exchanging the pieces.


The Berry Schools writes to Mrs. C. C. Fearn thanking her for her donation to the Berry Schools.

A letter from Martha Berry explaining the policy of giving free money to students who have not worked for it.

Emma Reynolds (E.R.) thanks Martha Berry (M.B.) for preserves that M.B. gave her as a gift from the female students being trained in making preserves at Berry College. E.R. then tells M.B. that she is sorry about the drought and its impact at Berry College. Lastly, E.R. wishes M.B. a happy New Year (1926).

Botsford writes to Martha Berry to let her know that, while she cannot offer financial support, she believes in what Berry is doing for the "youngsters." She highlights the importance of hard work, and says that Berry's students are "much more likely to come to something." She ends her letter by wishing Berry good health and a prosperous and happy new year.

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