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Miss Berry writes that it was good to see Mr. Campbell and she wishes he could have stayed longer. She asks him advice on selling some of her Class A Coca-Cola stock and buying common stock.

Martha Berry acknowledges the receipt of Coca Cola shares.

Adrian C. Ford writes that the Coca Cola International Stock has been returned in the mail as requested. There are also instructions about purchasing more stock and making payments.

Martha Berry thanks Mrs. Van Lennep for the gift she sent to Berry and expresses her gratitude that she made a visit.

This is a letter by Martha Berry concerning an exchange of stocks and bonds.

Martha Berry writes to Henry Sloane to offer her personal thanks for the certificates of stock in Congo-leum-Nairn, Incorporated. She expresses her hope that it will swell the Schools' endowment fund and interest. Her letter ends with her insistence that Mr. Sloane come to visit, particularly because of his generous investment in the work of the Berry Schools.

Martha writes to Mr. Morris to discuss the selling of 25 shares of White Motor Stock and the buying of American Chantillion stock.

This is a note documenting 134 shares of Coca-Cola International Corporation stock.

Coca Cola certificates.

Letter confirms a stock market sell order from Martha Berry.

Martha writes to Mr. Young with certificates for stock transfer.

Exchanges of Coca-Cola stock

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