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A letter to Mr. Hodges from Martha Berry hoping that he will come for a visit soon and see the campus in the beauty of full spring and bring friends along for a nice visit.

Thanks to Mrs. Davis from Martha Berry for her donation to the school, and she goes on to talk of the improvements of Berry as well as the new Science and Agriculture building. She then invites Mrs. Davis down for another visit.

Martha Berry is writing to let Mrs. Graham know that she received the flowers she sent and is enjoying them. She expresses hope that Mrs. Graham's work is going well and thanks her for being thoughtful.

This is a letter to Miss Martha Berry from Marguerite Tamblyn, the Secretary of the Girl's League. This letter's purpose is to inform Miss Berry that the Girls' League is unable to help her.

Miss Seely has contacted Mr. Ochs to let him know that his letter was received. Miss Seely lets Mr. Ochs know that Mr. Ryan is out of town and will forward the previous letter to him once he returns.



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