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George Curry tries to set up a time to come speak to the students at Berry. He thanks her for the invitation but expresses his hesitation in his ability to perform a speech satisfactory to their expectations. He however does make an effort to set up a time.

Mr. Hall tells Martha Berry that he has heard wonderful things about the speech she gave when she received a medal. He says that he has enclosed a picture of Martha Berry with ex-President Herbert Hoover, which he has also sent to Mrs. John Henry Hammond.

Miss Berry is thanking Mr. Finley for agreeing to visit the campus with his wife (and, possibly, another guest or so) and to give a small speech to the students.

J. Hodges writes to Martha Berry in return to her invitation for him to come give a speech to the boys and girls at Berry. He hopes that he can come and visit, even though he is hesitant to perform a speech because of his lack of experience. He also talks about seeing the cottage on the mountain that Martha Berry is building. Lastly, he says that he friends at the Power Company that can help her with an issue she is having with them.

Martha Berry thanks Harry Carlson for his donation to the Chapel Fund. She also expresses her desire for him to attend their Armistice Day celebration.

Thanks for Mr. Carlisle sending them a table to be copied, and the promise of its good care until its return. Also their enjoyment of Mr. Carlisle's speech in the chapel on his visit.

Hammond asks Berry for information for the press on her talk at St. Bartholomew's.

Emily V. Hammond writes with details about donations, an address by Berry on WEAF radio, and an opportunity to speak at the Verdi Club concert.

Miss Dexter sends an invitation for an event which Martha Berry will be attending.

Davis lets Martha Berry know he cannot come to give a talk soon, but does wish to visit.

Martha Berry lets Norman Davis know how much she would like him to come to Berry to speak to the students.



Wingo congratulates Berry on her speech to the National Education Association.

Pennybacker inquires about a date for a lecture.

In this speech Martha Berry talks about some of the short commings of Berry College. She talks about how often the donated buildings do not get cleaned. She then says she just wants what is best and for the graduates to be the best industrial workers they can be.

Martha Berry invites Dr. Sims to come and speak at Berry during his trip to Atlanta.

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