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Martha writes to Mr. Penn thanking him for the invite to speak to the graduates. She informs him that she can not accpet the invitation, but perhaps another time she will be able to come to LaGrange.

Since Berry is unable to speak, a prominent man of the community has been chosen.

The faculty of [unknown school] in Felton, GA request that Martha Berry come to deliver the "Literary Address" during their commencement exercises on April 30, 1930.

Henderson, class of 1929, hopes Berry will speak at graduation exercises at the school where she teaches.

Martha Berry seeks Hammond's counsel on whether or not she should attend the Verdi Club concert. She says that since she will only have three minutes to speak to the club and since there are matters at the Berry Schools that need her attention and presence, perhaps it would be best if Hammond spoke to the club in her stead and Berry came to New York a few days later.

Emily V. Hammond writes with details about donations, an address by Berry on WEAF radio, and an opportunity to speak at the Verdi Club concert.

Martha writes to Mrs. Hammond to thank her for the letter and booklet of the 7th pilgrimage and tells her that it is possible for her to speak at St. Bartholomew's.

Letter from Martha Berry to her youngest sister and wife of Blue Diamond Coal Company president Alexander Bonnyman, Sr., Frances Berry Bonnyman. Berry reports that she is ill and asks Bonnyman to stop in Mount Berry on her way to New York. She informs Bonnyman that Bonnyman's sister-in-law, Mrs. James Bonnyman, would be welcome to stay with Isabel and Tom.

Berry reports that the Rome newspaper has published untrue reports about the donations of Clara and Henry Ford, benefactors of the college. Henry Ford refuses to refute the newspaper's claims, and the college is receiving unwanted negative attention because of the contents of the article(s).


Martha Berry writes May Ziegler of the Department of Education to thank her for extending an invitation to speak at the Georgia Banquet, to be given at the Georgia State Teachers College on February 12th. However, Miss Berry informs her that she cannot attend due to a prior engagement but hopes that she will be able see Miss Ziegler some time in the future.

Martha writes to Lena to let her know that she should be able to speak at the Women's Club meeting later, and asks if she is unable to come if there is someone in her place she could send.

Miss Berry acknowledges the gift from the World Wide Guild of the Fifth Baptist Church and notes she has sent a letter to the secretary of the organization. She also writes that she has written to Miss Hatch about the uniforms she wanted to supply. She thanks Miss Gill for all her help and tells her that she has had to cancel her speaking engagements because of her health.

Martha writes to Dr. Edwards to inform that it will be impossible for her to speak at the Kiwanis club on any of the dates mentioned, either due to Commencement or being away from the schools.

Arthur Bestor, with the Chautauqua Institution, accepts Miss Berry's invitation to speak at Berry.

Martha Berry writes to Mrs. Barnes to confirm the date of her engagement to speak at the D.A.R meeting. If she is not well enough, Inez Wooten will go in her place.

Barnes follows up on an earlier letter inviting Berry or her representative to speak to her DAR chapter, asking that Berry confirm the date. Barnes provides details of the arrangements.

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