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Martha Berry tells Mr. Hoehler how happy she is to have him speak at Commencement. She says that she hopes he will bring his family with him. She thanks him again and asks if it is true that Mrs. Meacham has passed away.

Miss Berry is asking that Mr. Hamrick ensure that the work boys find time to go to Chapel and, at least, listen to this guest speaker. She also asks that he see that the visiting minister gets a tour of the schools, and that the old cedar is cut down for lumber.

Dr. John Harvey Kellogg writes Martha Berry about the possibility of visiting Berry as well as information about nursing tuition and scholarships for Berry students.

In reply to Miss Berry's invitation, Fries declines to visit and speak at Berry because he is not well and is too busy.

In this document, Martha Berry sends a letter to Karl T. Compton, President of Massachusetts Institute of Technology, in which she hopes that he will be able to visit Berry when he makes his trip south to Tennessee. She wants him to speak to the students and see the homes from which they come.

Pennybacker accepts an invitation to speak at Berry and describes her travel plans. Her itinerary for speaking engagements in February is enclosed. On stationery from New York's Hotel Belmont.

A response Letter to Miss. Berry, about her request that Charles Taft speak at Berry Schools.

After talking on the phone with Martha Berry, William Trawick (an attorney in Cedartown, GA) writes her a letter discussing the most effective method of contacting Mr. Thompson to come to speak to the students at the Berry Schools.

Berry invites Fletcher to visit and speak to the students, commenting that faculty member Frank Spindler is a great admirer of Fletcher's.

Mrs. Ramsey writes to ask if Miss Berry or anyone else familiar with The Berry Schools would be available to speak to her chapter of the DAR, the Old Colony Chapter. She says the chapter will pay traveling expenses for the speaker.


Margaret T. Corwin is following up after a letter one of her seniors, Betty Mayfield, sent to Martha asking her to come speak at the New Jersey College for Women during the second semester. She would like to second the invitation. She explains that they are doing a series on religious giving and are inviting people to come talk about their work. She suggests a few possible dates and states the stipend for guest speakers.

Jane Bruere informs Martha Berry that they do not have an opening for her to speak to the Cosmopolitan Club during the week of Dec. 6, 1936.

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