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Miss Dabney lets Martha Berry know she plans to continue in her late sister's place.



Miss White informs Martha Berry of the passing of her sister, Miss H. Frances White. She also sends a check for $20 to the Berry Schools.

Letter describes interest in Berry Schools by women of the Clionian Club.


Martha Berry informs Mr. Crane that she cannot make any plans because her sister was critically injured in an automobile accident. She says that she hopes to be in New York later to visit.


Letter of donation of $15.00 and also asked her sister to send a coat that one of the pupils might use.

Martha Berry asks W. A. Gray to look into the matter of Charlie Claxton's sister.

Donation of $25.00 to the Berry schools from Lucy Denny. Mrs. Denney also asks Miss Berry to take her sister's name off of the subscription list since she died in May.

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