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A description of a poor boy of sickly health due to his economical status, malnourished and sickly and in great need of a climate change. His mother is frantic to find a place to send him to, and Howden writes with hopes that Miss Berry can help this family out and save the young boy. Howden hopes that Miss Berry will find room at the school to except him as a scholarship student.

A thank you letter for Mrs. DeLaittre's recent letter and condolences that her husband is sick, with encouragement at his seemingly improving health.

Mr. Holt includes part of a letter from Grace Noll Crowell about a possible visit to Berry. Ms. Crowell writes that she wishes she could come, but that two of her sons have been sick recently. She says that she will try to visit as soon as they improve. She talks about sharing her poetry with the students. Mr. Holt suggests that Martha Berry write to Ms. Crowell about the visit.

A letter expressing thanks for Mrs. Hoge's get well message when Martha was away. Also, she updates Mrs. Hoge on Mrs. Wright's sick children, and congratulates Mrs. Hoge on her daughter Evelyn graduating with honors.

Martha Berry tells Mrs. Hammond how wonderful it is that she is visiting Berry with her friends. She wishes that she could be there to welcome them, but explains that her cold turned into bronchitis and she has been in bed with doctors visiting her daily. Martha Berry then tells Mrs. Hammond how happy it makes her to know that her friends love the Berry Schools, expresses her hope that Mrs. Hammond's granddaughter enjoys the visit, and informs Mrs. Hammond that the gates of Berry are always open to her.

Martha Berry sent this letter to Annie Houghton to thank her for her monetary contributions to Berry Schools.

Miss Berry reaches out to Marjorie Ward hoping that she will provide financial help for the school. Miss Berry has been sick with bronchitis and unable to attend speaking engagements which has cost the school money. She also mentions that the recipient has failed to follow through with a plan to visit the schools and hopes she will carry out the plans someday. Miss Berry mentions things "would have been different for us all" if Marjorie would have visited like she had promised, hinting at a deeper situation than the letter delves into. They seem to never have met in person.

Grace Norton sends Martha Berry a check for $10 and explains the recent demands upon her, which have prevented her from donated more.

Ms. Berry has received flowers from Mr. and Mrs. Nabers and sends them a letter of appreciation.

Mrs. Frank L. King Nash writes to Martha Berry to make a donation to the continuance of the Berry Schools. She also sends her sincere hope for Martha Berry to regain her strength after a bout with poor health.

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