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Miss Berry wrote it to ask Mr. Manville for the $500.00 check that he promised the school for the shingles of their gymnasium. She also sends her sympathies to Mr. Manville because she heard that his father passed away.

Miss Berry explains to Mr. Manville that the Shingle sample was delayed in arriving to the Schools but it is satisfactory. She asks for a shipment to be made as soon as possible.

Mr. Manville writes to Martha that they have received the not about the Shingle being satisfactory and being sent for prompt shipment.


A letter detailing Manville's request for Martha Berry to provide more information on the exact requirements of the shingles she is in need of.

Letter to Martha Berry from H. E. Manville informing her that if she consents that his company will ship the specific shingles she needs at $500.00 in hopes that she can pay that for them. He also informs her that he is very anxious to have her start the project so that he knows her roofing troubles are over.

In this letter Miss Martha Berry asks from Mr. Manville to assist with the recovering of the buildings by donating some of his green Slatekete Shingles.

Manville writes to Berry to give her a special price on shingles. He asks whether the architect would rather have a Rigid Shingle than teh Slatekote which has been suggested. He asks that a photograph be sent of the buildings that are to be re-roofed so he can help them reach a decision about the best shingle to use as well as the number needed to work out a discounted price.

Mr. Carlson is writing to Mr. Skinner in regards to some confusion over roof shingles. He recommends a different kind then they originally decided on. He also wanted to make sure Mr. Skinner was aware he was receiving the shingles at a discount and not for free.

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