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This is a letter asking Mrs. St. John to finish making the thin white summer dresses for Martha and Virginia. Miss Berry also says she is sending a little girl from Lookout Mountain to the sewing room and asks Mrs. St. John to make her a white dress to wear to the children's commencement.

Martha Berry catches up with her friend and thanks him for sending a dressmaker to Berry.

Letter notes order was completed and shipped to Mrs Curtiss and a request to learn if Mrs. Rivers, Atlanta still wanted an earlier- ordered dogwood quilt and reply on reverse side from Mrs. Inman confirming order for the quilt.

The Berry schools write to Mrs. Hammond to inform her that they are sending the quilts and pillow shams that she ordered from the Berry School.

In this letter the Berry Schools is asking Miss Gill if they have the correct address. There is a copy of a previous letter with a diffeerent address in the letter.

Alice Logan Wingo thanks Martha Berry for writing to Dr. Goldwaithe on her behalf, but she is unsure whether or not she will be able to afford his services. She also advises Martha Berry to close the Girls School the last two months as a way to help with the schools financial problems.

Berry instructs the Executive Committee to issue orders to the Sewing Room and Sunshine Cottage that no orders are to be filled without approval from her office. She is concerned that orders are being filled for ballad costumes and other items "not along the lines which we wish to advertise"

Martha Berry writes to Mrs. Fairchild informing her that they can not complete her quilts due to the inadequacy of the sewing room and inexperience of the workers during the summer. Martha Berry appreciates her interest and will gladly fill any order about the middle of September.

Miss Berry would like Miss Bray to return to Berry and continue to work in the Sewing Room. She tells her to go to the Browne Decorating Department to see if she can get new ideas about quilts and antiques.

Martha Berry thanks Miss Hammond for sending a uniform that will be an example for uniforms that the Junior College Girls will wear. She also thanks Alice Hammond for a wonderful visit to Delwood.


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