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Mary writes to say that Mrs. Elon Hooker asked her to send a check for $100 to the Berry Schools. Mary is the secretary to Mrs. Hooker, who is on vacation.

M. B. MacBride writes on behalf of Mrs. Rives and sends a check for $25 to the Berry Schools.

Senator George's secretary (whose name appears to be "Sarah...") writes Martha Berry an acknowledgement of an invitation she sent the senator. She says that Martha Berry should hear from him in the next few days.

Edna Jeralds writes on behalf of Mrs. Elton saying that Mrs. Elton regrets that she feels she can only give once a year and is sorry Miss Berry's letter went unanswered while Mrs. Elton was away.

E.G. Liebold says that Mr. Ford is proud of his interest in the Berry Schools, and encloses a check for $25,000.

Helen G. Matthews, secretary, requests that Berry send her employer, Mrs. P. W. Harvey, a bill for the articles she received from the school last spring.



This is a letter from Mrs. Cooper's secretary to Miss Berry saying that Mrs. Cooper has sent 50 dollars to show her interest in The Berry Schools, but she is unable to send more money at this time.

Charlotte Baker described how the secretary "spoke very well" and that the personal touch made an impression on the girls. She sent Martha Berry a $25 donation. Letter was recorded as received by the Berry Schools on March 19, 1928, as noted in the typescript at the top of the letter.

The Berry Schools write to Mrs. Sturgis in Miss Berry's absence, asking her for the names and addresses from the Theodore Hook story. They also ask for the name and address of the secretary of the King's Daughters so they can thank her for the donation. The address included was illegible so they send the receipt for the donation to Mrs. Sturgis.

Helen M. Seely, secretary to Mr. Ryan informs Martha Berry that Mr. Ryan has received Miss Berry's box of cotton balls.

Frank Campsall, assistant secretary to Henry Ford, writes to inform Martha Berry that her letter to Mr. Ebling has been referred to him and that he will send a number of still pictures and two reels of film from the SIlver Anniversary of Berry. He also suggests that she make notes of titling for the scenes in the film and return it so that they might make any changes before returning it to her.

Sara Woodruff asks for the address of Martha Berry's former secretary. She is planning on studying in Paris and would like to get in touch with someone who knows the area.

Mrs. Beecher's club, The Twentieth Century Book Club, sends $5 in response to an appeal letter asking for aid.

In this letter, Martha Berry is thanking C. M. T. Sawyer for sending her tax notice. Martha Berry also enclosed a check for $95.20 to pay the year's taxes.

The secretary for Mrs. George W. Perkins responds to Miss Berry's letter about the dormitory destroyed by the fire. Mrs. Perkins then donates $100.00 towards the rebuilding of the dormitory.

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