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Mr. Carlson writes that he is glad that Miss Berry will use Mrs. Cresson for her portrait bust.

Miss Berry writes to Mr. Carlson to inform him that she feels Mrs. Cresson is a good choice for her portrait bust.

Miss Berry writes to Mrs. Cresson about the portrait bust and makes arrangements for the sittings.

Margaret French Cresson writes to Coolidge and Carlson about collecting pictures for them and about doing a bust for Martha Berry.

Martha writes to Mr. Carlson asking for photographs of the work of his first and second choice sculptors.


Artist Edwin H. Blashfield writes to architect Harry J. Carlson that he prefers Margaret French Cresson as a sculptor for a portrait bust, but also recommends Tom H. Jones, Walker Hancock, and Edmond Amateis.

Architect Harry J. Carlson encloses a letter, apparently from muralist Edwin Howland Blashfield, providing advice on a bust of Martha Berry. Blashfield evidently suggests sending photographs to be used in creating the bust, and Carlson offers to give his own advice about choosing a sculptor.

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