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Martha Berry tells Mr. Hoehler how happy she is to have him speak at Commencement. She says that she hopes he will bring his family with him. She thanks him again and asks if it is true that Mrs. Meacham has passed away.

Clayton Crowe wishes Martha Berry a happy birthday and says that he is having a good time in school.

This letter is from Miss Agnes Alexander to Miss Berry. In it, she explains how she has twenty five school books with many different subjects. She tells Miss Berry that she will be happy to send them to her if she thinks they could be used.

The author says that she wrote to Stella Brown about going back to school on scholarship, but that Stella is not sure if she will have to pay back the loan. The author asks Miss Berry what she should tell Stella.

Anna is writing Miss Berry to inform her of her sister Mary's death the year prior. She is also stating that she will continue to donate to Miss Berry's school on her sister's behalf and thanks her for her great work.

Miss McAlpin writes to say that she wishes she could give more to Miss Berry's work. She explains that her work with a school in West New York City with foreign children so she understands the need for the "care and help that [Miss Berry] give[s]" the mountain children.

Martha asks that Floyd tell her all about the women he's staying with, since they knew her father. She also expresses excitement to hear about his work at a new school.

This letter describes how they lost one of their main dormitories at the Foundation school to a fire. They ask for donations to help rebuild the dorm.


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