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Mrs. A.B. Coxe writes to Miss Berry enclosing a check for three scholarships for one year, letting Martha Berry decide to whom they should go. A complete total donation of $450.00

A response to Mrs. Gantt's inquiry on how much it would be to fund a little child's schooling at Berry per year.

Shaw encloses a check for a year's tuition at Berry.

As requested, the Berry Schools send a reminder of Hope's pledge of a scholarship in memory of Noel Morris and the endowment of December 25.

James encloses the final installment on her scholarship contribution.

James encloses the second installment on her scholarship contribution.

Martha Berry sends out multiple copies of this letter to various donors hoping for scholarship money for students during a struggling financial year.

The Berry Schools writes Mrs. Frank R. Chambers to thank her for her generous donation of $500 for three scholarships, clothing, and expenses.

Kate W. Chambers sends her two scholarships along with $100 each for clothing and other expenses. She says that she will send the scholarships for the boys later.

Scholarship contribution record for Mrs. George Burnham, Jr., Philadelphia, PA.

A general letter sent out asking for donations for scholarship funds to send children to Berry.

Top half: Receipt endowing a scholarship for one student commemorating April Sixth. Original author's intended donation amount under question. Bottom half: excerpt from an individual-a teacher or benefactor perhaps-commenting on The Berry Schools' good work

Mrs. Rowe donates $150 to the Berry Schools in response to Martha Berry's letter asking for donations for scholarships.

Mrs. Parmly sends a $300 check for two scholarships, one each for her mother and husband. Mrs. Parmly writes about the wonderful fall weather.

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