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She thanks Mrs. Robert B. Haines and her husband for their recent visit to Berry and the address they gave the students that was very interesting. She writes of her hopes of their continued financial help because of their recent financial hardships that is making her fear having to send some away because of the lack of funds to support all the students.

A letter accompanying a check of $300, half of which for a scholarship for a girl, Caroline, and the other half for another scholarship of Berry's choice.

Returned circular letter with annual scholarship donation.

Letter accompanying contribution of one scholarship, from the J.C. Penney Foundation. The letter is addressed to "Gentlemen."

Mrs. Hillaid donates $150 for a scholarship to the Berry Schools.

A letter written in regard to scholarship money and how it can be received.

Grace B. Hadley (G.H.) sends Martha Berry an enclosed check in the amount of $50.00. G.H. notes that the check is meant to fund a scholarship which G.H. plans to have fully funded by the end of the year. The letter is sent from 56 Baldwin St., Youngstown, Ohio.

Appeal letter to Mrs Warden for a scholarship. Mrs. Warden gave a charity check of $100 and requested a receipt, according to the red stamp on the letter.

Appeal tells the story of a 23 year old man who wants to preach the gospel. Mrs. L. R. Morris gave $150 for an annual scholarship for Eugene.

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