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A letter of thanks for the donation $200.00 from the Charles M. Cox Trust Fund. She goes on to thank him and tell him the meaning of the donation and how she feels about the importance of the work going on there at Berry. She concludes with hopes of him coming for a visit to see the effects of the hard work the students are doing at Berry.

A letter to Mrs. Holt addressing Martha Berry's thanks for all of Mrs. Holt's help in supporting The Berry Schools, and the great need that the school has for friends like Mrs. Holt. She goes on to describe the great needs for Berry Schools in order to keep the scholarship students funded. She also includes her plans for a trip to New York to try to raise more funds within the next couple of days.

In this letter Martha Berry thanks Elizabeth Gerard for for her donations to the EVH Scholarship fund. Martha Berry also informs her that they have not yet received a gift from Mrs. Helen Wailes.

This is a pamphlet for donations to be made for scholarships. It tells a true story about a girl named Leafy. Mrs. Evans (It's difficult to read her first name) donated one thousand dollars to the students in need. Keep in mind that where it says author, she did not write the article, but rather the check for the donation.

A note thanking Miss Rogers for forwarding the check for the Emily V. Hammond Scholarship Fund from Mrs. Duryea.

A letter enclosing the list of the contributions toward the Emily V. Hammond Scholarship fund. The letter goes on to include specific recent donations as well. The letter closes with their joy in having her the and the pilgrims come and stay with them earlier that year, and their thankfulness for her friendship.


Mrs. John C. Aisenbrey's Civics Class donated money to the Emily V. Hammond Scholarship Fund. The Berry Schools sends their thanks.

The Berry Schools write to Mrs. Thomas M. Taylor thanking her for her donation towards the Emily V. Hammond Scholarship Fund.

A letter asking for scholarship donations so children can stay at Berry over the summer.

A thank you letter to Mrs. Greene for her donation to the scholarship fund at Berry.

A general letter sent out asking for donations for scholarship funds to send children to Berry.

Mrs. Hunte is sending a check for $175 dollars from the Atlanta Martha Berry Circle which they hope can serve as a scholarship for a girl who otherwise could not afford to attend Berry.

Mary Bailey Moores sends an $150 scholarship donation.

Martha explains the way Berry's scholarships work to Miss Temple and hopes she will be able to help.

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