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Mr. Cox tells Ms. Berry that he has enclosed a check for $200 to cover a scholarship and repair damages from the severe winter.

Martha informed Mr. Howden that she can't accept a little boy from New York City to be educated at Berry because he is outside the borders of the 11 southern states that Berry serves.

A description of a poor boy of sickly health due to his economical status, malnourished and sickly and in great need of a climate change. His mother is frantic to find a place to send him to, and Howden writes with hopes that Miss Berry can help this family out and save the young boy. Howden hopes that Miss Berry will find room at the school to except him as a scholarship student.

A letter to Miss Martha Berry giving the school a $200 check for a Thanksgiving donation. Holt goes on to say how thankful he is for not only the school, but so much for Martha Berry herself.

Rosa Ann Grosvenor sends a donation for scholarships.

The author informs the recipient that a list of donors to the Emily Hammond scholarship is enclosed.

A letter asking how much it would be to support one child at Faith College for a year and offering to donate that amount if she is able.

Mrs. Bruce Ford wanted to fund a students scholarship so her secretary sent Martha Berry a $150 check to fund a student at Berry.

A letter to Mrs. Heath thanking her for her donation and telling her of the strong need of education for the young people of Rome and their desire to be in school, and how their donations allow children to once again attend school.

A letter stating Martha Berry' s desire for Mr. Hamrick to not give any of the Boys High School overtime to be paid in cash or orders on the store, but rather should receive granted loans from the Welfare Fund.

A letter to Miss Berry requesting the removal of her name from the lists of benefactors because of her inability to contribute any longer.

Letter thanking Miss Hayden for her donation of money and books for the school, and she goes on to describe the hard process of choosing which students may stay and work on campus in order to save up for the next year's tuition.

Mrs. John C. Aisenbrey's Civics Class donated money to the Emily V. Hammond Scholarship Fund. The Berry Schools sends their thanks.

Mr. Hamilton informs Martha Berry that her letter to Mrs. Hamilton arrived, but that Mrs. Hamilton passed away the previous year. He tells her that a family friend visited Berry and was impressed by their work. He encloses a $5 donation to the scholarship fund.

Martha Berry says that she enjoyed meeting Mr. Campbell at Battle Creek and that she appreciates his contribution to a scholarship. She hopes that Mr. Campbell will visit Berry to see the work that they are doing. She also asks him to send his home address for the records.

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