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Martha Berry mentions her summer vacation in Europe and the Berry School's lack of funding to meet teachers' salaries. As a solution, Berry claims she will travel the country giving lectures and then invites Mr. and Mrs. J.R. McWane to visit the Berry School.

Letter to Mr. H.G. Hamrick form Martha Berry asking him to tell the workers at the next meeting that she appreciated the telegram from Dr. Green telling her that they all wanted donate 10% of their salaries to help the schools. However, she informs him she has thought it over and that although she appreciates their offer that because of their great responsibilities that she would still like to pay them their full salaries. She also informs Mr. Hamrick that she will always remember their willingness to support the schools.

Letter to Mr. Holt, a previous donor, requesting a donation at the present moment, due to the severe lack of funds. Berry mentions that she has had an attack of bronchitis that kept her from making speaking engagements to raise funds. The school is currently unable to pay teachers salaries.

This is a letter from the Berry Schools to letter to Mr. E.G. Liebold regarding the receipt of a $25,000 check. The writer explains that it came at a very good time because there was only 1/3 enough money to pay salaries, but now they can pay the staff with the help of Mr. and Mrs. Ford.


Martha Berry thanks Mrs. Meacham for sending fifty dollars to help a young girl at the school. She will not choose a specific girl until the school year starts and then she will let Mrs. Meacham know who was chosen to receive the help.

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