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This letter is a request for someone at the Berry Schools to do some quilting work. There is also a request to make small chairs.

In an undated letter, Wingo reports that Miss Sallie Brown has offered to teach a girl to make rush bottoms for chairs and stools. Wingo suggests that Berry might want to ask "Miss Sallie" to come to the school, instead.

Letter to Mrs. Carroll M. McGaughey from Martha Berry asking her if she would come to The Berry Schools for a few days to teach some of the girls how to make rush bottom chairs. Miss Berry informs her that they used to have a lady that knew how to make them but she left without teaching anyone how to make them. Miss Berry also informs her that she would be happy to cover all of her expenses to and from Berry if she would come teach the girls.

In this letter Martha Berry tells Mrs. McGaughey that they will not be able to pay the five dollars a day to have the men teach the girls how to make rush bottom chairs.

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