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Miss Berry tells Mr. Hamrick to have the roads ready because she is excepting important guests in early January.

Miss Berry tells Mr. Hamrick that she would like the roads to be in good shape and new trees planted along the road of remembrance before Jan. 9th.

County Attorney Wright has been instructed by the Floyd County Board of Commissioners of Roads and Revenues to advise Berry that under no circumstances would they consider abandoning or closing a portion of Redmond Gap Road.


Berry dispenses instructions to Hamrick about pine trees (she believes it is a mistake to have cut so many), roads (she would prefer a good road to the barn instead of "so much fancy planting"), drainage, ivy (which should be planted around the barn), and the use of native trees.

A letter from Martha Berry asking Mr. Cridland for help laying out new roads and paths the next time he is in Atlanta.




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