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A letter requesting the signature of Miss Martha Berry to add to his collection of signed postcards from famous people whose accomplishments he admires. Handwritten note states that signature was sent.

Mrs. Eichhorn asks Martha Berry for information about the Berry Schools for a report that she is giving. Mrs. Eichhorn explains that Martha Berry is considered an outstanding woman of the U.S. She explains that she was very impressed by her visit to Berry, but that her pictures and report about the school were lost.

Berry is anxious to come to Saratoga Springs in September, but needs a room on the first floor because she cannot climb stairs. An alternative would be a room nearby with meals taken at Viasana.

Mr. Skinner opens by posing the problem of an unequal distribution of student labor on campus. He says that, even though the demand for labor has increased, the supply has decreased with the closure of two dorms and lays out the statistics for this fact. The shortage in student workers has forced the foreman running their work with half the number of laborers. School events and socials, which the department would see denying the students attendance unreasonable, further decrease their numbers, especially since they are not informed when students are involved in such events. He asks that this issues be addressed and that some manner of consistency be reached in student scheduling.

The Berry Schools sends a letter with a collection of photos to Mr. Robinson as he requested.

This is a request for Martha Berry to take 12,000 postcards of the State Flower and State Bird of Georgia to give out to visitors and attending or prospecting students.

This letter is written to Miss Martha Berry. At the request of the author, Miss Berry is asked to send bulletins and pictures of her school as well as a biography of her life. According to Mae, there are boys who are interested in attending Miss Berry's school the following year. However, two of them want to know more about Miss Berry and the school before they attend.

Miss Berry is asking if some of the funds left by the late Ellen F. Neson could be distributed to the Berry Schools.

Request for roses to be planted along rock wall and for 3 or 4 truck loads of hickory wood.


The Berry Schools write to Miss Earnshaw apologizing that the requests were asking too much while Martha is in Europe.

This is a letter to Dr. Arthur E. Bestor from Martha Berry asking for him to visit before or after his trip to Daytona, Florida.


Letter requesting a copy of a picture of Colonel Roosevelt that appeared in "Southern Highlander" for the Roosevelt House Library and Museum. Appears to be a second request.

Letter to Mr. Holt, a previous donor, requesting a donation at the present moment, due to the severe lack of funds. Berry mentions that she has had an attack of bronchitis that kept her from making speaking engagements to raise funds. The school is currently unable to pay teachers salaries.

The Berry Schools ask Hammond to forward their letter to Mrs. Augusta P. Hope and to provide them with her present address.

A request to Martha Berry for some item that she has one of the last copies of.


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