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Martha Berry encloses a questionnaire that they sent to Mr. Hall as well as his responses. She informs Mr. Campbell that she wants to secure a donation for Berry from the fund he mentioned in the questionnaire.
She asks him if he knows how they might go about securing such a donation.

This letter describes that $6,000.00 has been left and must be given to three specific men. Another man with $10,000.00 must also give away the money and his organizations had created questionnaires and asked for them to be completed.

Mr. Derby writes to Miss Berry to ask her to fill out the questionnare enclosed so that The National Cyclopedia of American Biography can complete an entry on her and the work she has done.

George Derby is asking Martha Berry to fill out a questionnaire so she could be included in an encyclopedia of Americans who have made a significant impact to her field in history. Included in the document are some of the questions of her background, impact, and family history.

Lee writes to Berry with an update on his family's new city and to express his hope that she is continuing in good health after hearing of an illness. He also explains to her that his church is interested in building a church and parish house in the style of the Berry School Chapel. He sends Berry a questionnaire but says it would be fine if one of her helpers filled it out. He merely writes to her to ask permission to release the information.

Martha returns a questionnaire to Mr. Lee inquiring as to whether the school's chapel is suitable. She tells him that in the future it may need to be expanded to compensate for a larger student body, but for right now everything is just fine.

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