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Berry reports on the weather and recent visitors, including the Fords and Mr. and Mrs. Carlisle. She asks if Neal anticipates coming south any time soon.

Author explains th convention of National Editorial Association will hold convention at Atlanta Biltmore Hotel and offers to send group of editors to Berry ScHools if Ms. Berry invite NEA to come to Georgia.

Martha Berry writes to Tracy Byers asking him to return in September to do some teaching and publicity work for the school. She also discusses the recent commencement.

Berry complains that the school is suffering from the "wrong kind of publicity" and describes the Ford buildings at the Girls School as burdensome because they are not endowed. She asks Hollenback for the address of Louis Twyeffort, who has promised to endow a day in memory of his brother. She wishes she could see Hollenback.

Martha Berry writes to Mr. Jackson saying that it was wonderful to hear his voice on the phone and that she sent him all the literature they have. She explains that Mr. Ford only gave them the buildings and several cars and trucks. She says that they're still suffering from the Ford boom and the editor of the Rome Tribune won't retract the article. She says that she is looking forward to his article and tells him that she will help him with whatever he needs.

Marion M. Jackson says that he would be happy to help her with publicity, saying that he has already spoken with Alston and Maddox so he is familiar with the situation and is already at work. He discusses the incorrect article in the Rome News-Tribune as well as the Ford gifts.

Emily Vanderbilt Hammond asks Berry to review an article Mrs. Hitchcock has written for Hammond's Berry Booklet. Hammond provides details about the recently organized Association of Berry Pilgrims, including publicity suggestions from Mr. John Leighton. Hammond hopes that Berry will be able to attend the annual meeting of the association, planned for November 15.

Berry asks that Cooper provide additional copies of a photograph he made, at a price "as low as you possibly can."

Miss Berry writes to Mrs. Carroll to say that she is looking for someone to do publicity work who knows the newspaper business. She says that she needs to interview the person before hiring them, and asks Mrs. Carroll what she charges for her services and asks if she can come visit Mount Berry to be interviewed if Miss Berry pays for half of the travel expenses.

This copy of a letter states that they are sure that pictures of the Berry Schools have been published in the Gerogia press so the cannot see why pictures shouldn't be published and do not understand the policy of the Schools.

Miss Berry writes to Mr. Carlisle to ask him to be present at the annual trustees meeting and acknowledges that he may be unable since he just recently made the trip to Berry. She explains that there are crowds of guests probably coming just to see the Ford buildings and that Mr. Byers has been very helpful with publicity work.

Ethel Birch writes to outline her qualification and experience in publicity work and offers her services to Miss Berry if they are needed.

Mrs. Birch is told that her letter about publicity work will be brought to Martha Berry's attention when she returns.

Berry asks Bonner to send fifty stories of the Berry Schools, fifty Sunday Lady pamphlets and good pictures for the newspaper to the Hotel Vendome.

W. F. Caldwell responds to Miss Berry's letter about a publicity person for The Berry Schools, saying that he is looking over the field and will send her any likely prospects.

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