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Martha Berry writes to Mr. & Mrs. Jones to inform them that she's unable to perform the Commencement address for Pineland College because she is not doing any public speaking due to illness. She hopes that they are able to find someone else in time.

Martha Berry writes Helen Forrest and thinks she might postpone her trip to Massachusetts because it is so unfavorable a time to raise money and she doesn't feel able to speak as well as in the past.

Miss Berry writes to thank her for her promise of a gift in November and says that they are in need of great help because they were unable to meet their teacher's salaries in November. She takls about Mr. Byer's help and that she'll need to try public speaking again.

Miss Berry says she is unable to come to Commencement and that she will probably not be able to ever do as much public speaking. She thanks him for writing to her and tells him that she always enjoys hearing what he's doing and where he is.

Martha Berry states that she can do no more public speaking; she uses this letter to enlist aid.

Mrs. Whitmore responds to Miss Berry's explanation of her illness and plea for help with a small donation.

Miss Berry writes to Mrs. Smith about her failing health and inability to go out and work as she has in the past. She also asks Mrs. Smith to come visit her and gives her some information on reaching the school by train or automobile.

The Berry Schools respond to Mrs. Semones in Miss Berry's absence, explaining that Miss Berry will likely be unable to speak at her conference, so it may not be advisable to leave the position open.

Document initially was a letter written by Miss Berry to "Friends' with annotation that Mr and Mrs Edwin Owen donated $150

Mary MacArthur encloses a check to help the schools and wishes Miss Berry to feel better.

Martha Berry writes to Robert Ely to accept the offer to speak of the work of the Berry Schools after a lecture, even though she will only be given a few minutes to do so.

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