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Chester E. Martin, Vice President of The Printing House of Townley, Webb & Martin, advises that the cover page for the Summer Highlander has been sent for approval..

Mr. Martin thanks Miss Bonner for sending business to his firm and says that he expects to spend in the next few days an idea for the next Highlander cover in the new water-color process of printing.

Dyal asked to speak with Miss Berry after the program as a former student in charge of the printing office and introduce her to a librarian from New York.

The Ruralist Press offers to donate some equipment to the Berry Schools.

Martha Berry writes to Roy B. Stewart about the donation of printing supplies. She also thanks the Ruralist Press for their good service in publishing the Southern Highlander and asks for the cuts used in the last Highlander.

Mr. Stewart writes about edits and needed material for the next Southern Highlander which is about ready to go to print.

A letter thanking Mr. Stewart for his donation of print shop supplies while also pointing out a few supplies that were missing from the initial shipment.

This is a receipt for 10,000 calendars and engravings from the Ben Franklin Press in Atlanta, GA.

Letter to The Lyon Young Printing Co, from Martha Berry informing them of her knowledge of Mr. Glenn Morris' receiving a scholarship from them for a course in printing in Nashville, Tennessee and that he is obligated to work for their company after he finishes the course. Miss Berry asks if they might release him from his obligation so that he might work for the Berry Schools, as he is a graduate. Miss Berry shares her hope that they will do this because of their great interest in the Berry Schools and as a favor to her.

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