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Miss Berry informs Mr. Pitner that she has forward his request to get his nephew into Berry to the principal. She also thanks him for his gift during the summer when they receive fewer gifts.

Martha Berry writes that she would be glad to have Mrs. Pennybacker's daughter visit Berry while she's in the area, but she's not sure what's on the calendar in the next few weeks. She says that she very much enjoyed Mrs. Pennybacker's visit and hopes she will be able to come again. She also tells Mrs. Pennybacker that Inez used her time in Chautauqua well, and thanks Mrs. Pennybacker for her support.

A Letter to Chancellor Snelling from Martha Berry asking help from him to get Mr. Leland Green the Principal of the Berry Schools a Degree. She also asks that he visits the Berry Schools.

Letter from Morton to the Berry Schools principal returning an article loaned to him by Martha Berry's secretary.

Martha Berry explains to Miss McLeod that there are no positions available at Berry for the fall term, but she will send her information to the principal about any future possibilities.

Miss Berry writes to Rev. W. E. King to let him know that the principal is mailing Reverend King's friend a catalogue with application blanks but that every position is filled at this time and they cannot make room for any new students.

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