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This letter from Theodore Roosevelt is a response to Martha Berry pertaining to her Christian industrial school for boys. The letterhead indicates that Roosevelt was still in the office of President at the White House in Washington D.C. when it was composed. William Taft is mentioned at the end of the letter, likely because he had been elected president with the overwhelming support from Roosevelt. Roosevelt mentions visiting Berry's school upon return from Africa, to which he embarked in March of 1909 when his presidential term ended.


Mary Amfit expresses sympathy to Martha Berry about the financial situation of the Berry Schools and advises her to seek assistance from the government.

John A. Poynton, a trustee of Carnegie Corporation and president of a company writes to Martha Berry asking to get in touch with the man who does the investing for Berry School. He assumes that she will sponsor him.

A request for additional information about Berry for a presentation to the a DAR chapter. Specifically requested are pictures and accounts of honors that Martha Berry has received from the President.


Berry thanks Mr. Nixon for his donation of twenty-five dollars. Seemingly unfinished.

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