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This letter thanks Mr. Richardson for his generous gift which came at a good time. It also invites him to take a visit soon to Berry.

Berry thanks Hodgson for sending a copy of Prayer is the Soul's Sincere Desire, and hopes that her visit to Berry was worthwhile.


Martha Berry lets her friend know how important donations of any amount are in this trying time.

A list of addresses recorded from Miss Berry's trip to Europe. Some countries included are Germany, France, and Austria. The list also includes rich people Miss Berry met while abroad and a prayer from a manuscript found in Europe.

This document appears to be a transcript of a chapel talk or speech Mr. Peabody gave at the Berry Schools. He speaks of the privilege it is to be involved with the Berry Schools and praises Miss Berry's work as well as the hard work of the students. He talks about the importance of prayer in the difficult times after the war and the love God shows his people.

Martha Writes to Miss Colbert after learning of Miss Colbert's broken hip and writes in sympathy. She also talks about the school and how they are thinking and praying for her.

Hammond, writing from the school during a visit of the Pilgrims, stresses the power of prayer and encourages Berry to stand by her own motto, "prayer changes things." God still has work for Berry to do and will give Berry the strength to do it. Hammond writes that Berry should claim health as her birthright so that when Hammond visits in April 1942 she will find Berry full of vigor. Hammond writes that her heart is overflowing with gratitude for the visit and the inspiration of looking into Berry's face.

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