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Harry J. Carlson encloses a copy of the Boston University bulletin, which includes the names of donors to the university.

Harry J. Carlson encloses the Harvard University annual report, which includes a list of donors.

Martha Berry tells Carlson that she wishes to have one motto for both the Boys' and Girls' Schools: "Not to be Ministered Unto, but to Minister." She originally had the motto in mind for only the Girls' School, but thinks it would be less confusing to use the same motto for both. Berry also asks Carlson to send her a Boston telephone director to use in verifying the addresses for potential donors.

Cooper encloses a donation and suggests sending a copy of the Southern Highlander to Mrs. S.E. Barlow, a potential donor whose husband is interested in the manufacture of tractors. She requests that Mrs. Barlow is not told of her suggestion.

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