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A letter from Martha Berry asking her friend, Miss Angela Morgan, for her vote in the Good Housekeeping Magazine's, 'Twelve Greatest American Women' contest, as well as thanking her for the poem she wrote about Berry.

Mrs. Roop writes to inform Miss Berry that a box of shoes is being mailed to Rome, Georgia and encloses a copy of a poem written for Mr. Roop after he turned 80.

Miss Berry returns a poem she borrowed from Mr. Coit and thanks him for sending it to her.

Letter includes a poem by A. L. Frink, "The Rose Still Grows Beyond the Wall." A note at the bottom informs Miss Berry that the poem was published as part of a memorial for Elizabeth Widdicomb, a thirteen-year-old girl at the Brentwood School who passed away earlier that year. The author hopes that the poem will allow Miss Berry to know something of Elizabeth.

Mrs. Henry S. Walter (Martha Walter) sends a gift to Martha Berry for the 25th anniversary of the Berry Schools.

The Berry Schools advise Mrs. Shaw that Miss Berry is away from the schols but assure her that she would not have any objections to Mrs. Shaw using the poem referred to in her letter.


This letter was sent by Miss Viola Luce to Miss Berry with a check for $10.00. She also tells Miss Berry about her love for a poem Miss Berry wrote.


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