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May E. Hall tells Martha Berry that she is sending a check from Mr. Sloane to her since Mr. Sloane has left for Europe and Ms. Hall wants to make sure the check is not overlooked later on. This check would be the second payment towards Mr. Sloane's pledge of $100,000. Mrs. Hall also mentions to Miss Berry that she enjoyed meeting her nephew and that she hoped he was able to acquire some knowledge in the few weeks he stayed with her.

Miriam T. Moyer encloses $20 toward her $150 pledge. She also says that she is enjoying the Schools' paper.



Lora Shaw writes the Berry Schools to explain that Mrs. D.D. Foster's current ill health makes it impossible for her to fulfill an earlier pledge to donate to the schools.

Mr. Soper sends Martha Berry his yearly pledge.

Returned pledge card with $150 donation.

Jessie Powers writes to Martha Berry to let her know that she's been ill and will not be able to pay off her pledge before the 25th Anniversary.

Mr. Hogan writes to Miss Berry to tell her that Mrs. Emery is in receipt of her letter about her annual payment of $2,500. He encloses Mrs. Emery's check and asks for a receipt.

Martha Berry thanks Robert Maddox for pledging $1,000 to the Georgia Drive for Berry.

Mr. Hoge writes to the Grahams to remind them of their pledge to the Berry Schools, the first installment of which is due in July. He thanks them again in helping with the great mission of the Berry Schools.

The author thanks Mrs. McAlphin for her letter and for the "mistake" of her $1,000 pledge increasing into a $2,500 endowment scholarship. The author also apologizes that Miss Berry is not writing herself, saying she was very busy the last time she was at the schools. The author expresses her delight at seeing Bill and Molly and her hopes that they will come again.

Martha Berry thanks Ellen Hathaway for her pledge of $150, and describes how she goes out and "tied red strings" on some of the children in the mountains, indicating that they could come to the schools when they could be financially spoken for.

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