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A letter explaining a plant Dr. Gordon wanted to send to the woman in charge of weaving and display work in addition to a sample of the plant in a separate cover.

In this letter Martha Berry orders tulips and early peonies from Fraser Nurseries. She also asks Mr. Fraser if he will give Berry grad Audrey Henderson a job.

Martha Berry writes to order peonies and tulips.

The Berry Schools write to Mr. Fraser with a receipt that they received the Moon Vine plants.

Miss Berry writes to send some literature about the Berry Schools. She also explains that the students learn skills like farming, gardening, and home economics. She says that many nurseries have been generous in donating plants. She then asks if they would donate two climbing rose species to Berry.

Berry gives instructions on plant care and care of the greenhouse.

Chas. F. Barber writes Martha Berry to inform her of the shipment of her order of plants.

Otto Katzenstein explains to Martha Berry that he is sending seeds to the schools. Also, he shares that he will visit the schools sometime later in the year.

Martha writes to Otto to thank him for the seeds and thanks him also for the request that was sent to the Hill Nursery Company for the plants

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