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Martha Berry writes to Mrs. F. M. Inman to request that she visit Berry in the next week so that they may talk over plans about the Mothers' Building.

Letter to Margaret Earnshaw from Martha Berry informing Miss Earnshaw that she has just returned from a summer in Europe. Therefore, she has not had time to look at the plans and would like to do so before sending them back to her if they decide to get the work done. Miss Berry informs her that all of the tools and materials are in tact and will be sent to her within the next few days. Miss Berry informs Miss Earnshaw that she will let her know whether they have decided to go ahead with the work or not. Miss Berry also expresses her desire to carry out the plans but that she is afraid that they won't be able to due to financial reasons. Miss Berry regrets the delay in this matter but that Miss Earnshaw will hopefully be willing to let her keep the plans for a few more days to examine them.

This is a list of drawings given to Mr. Russell regarding building and garden plans around the Berry Schools and Oak Hill.

Martha Berry encloses a check to pay a statement of account, and inquires about a map that will be delivered by MrWarren Hall. Berry is ready to start the workwhen Warren has the plans ready.


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A letter from Martha Berry to Robert Cridland regarding Clara Hall. She tells Mr. Cridland that she has not yet received the key to Clara or the sun dial and requests that they be sent to her as soon as possible.

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