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A pilgrimage is planned to Fort Pulaski, Bonaventure, Bethesda, and Wormsole followed by a dinner at the Hotel Savannah that evening. This brochure gives you the opportunity to reserve a spot by including a $2.50 check for the dinner.

Martha Berry praises Mrs. Hammond for her work with the Pilgrimages. She expresses some surprise that Mrs. Landenberg will be on the visit since she is "so purely society". She also sends her sympathies about the death of Mr. Macy and hopes Mrs. Ladd will donate a building in his memory. She says the boys really need a science and agriculture building, especially now that the girls have such a wonderful facility provided by Mr. Ford.

Mrs. Hammond's 1929 letter to Martha Berry thanks her for the bundle of kindling Miss Berry sent her for Christmas. She wishes Miss Berry a happy New Year and many new friends and supporters. She expects to start preparations for her next pilgrimage very soon.

Biddle thanks Hammond for including him in the Pilgrimage to Berry, describing Martha Berry as "orderly, well balanced & practical." He notes that he has sent Hammond two films, with another to follow shortly.

Emily V. Hammond says she has asked Mr. Starr to go on the pilgrimage, but she does not think he will accept. She also sends a list of those attending and requests that Mrs. Pennybacker be placed in a cottage close to hers.

Notes on the Berry Dinner for pilgrims and celebrating a Berry Birthday with a dinner with listings of costs and amount of money received as pledges.

A list of where each New York Pilgrim will be staying and in what room and cottage.

A list of the members that made a Pilgrimage to the Berry Schools in 1927. Some names have notes next to them.

Marguerite tells Mrs. Hammond that she will use Mrs. Rodgers' account of the Pilgrimage to Berry for the forward. Also, Marguerite recommends that Mrs. Hammond propose Martha Berry for the Pictorial Review Award for 1926.


Martha Berry is sending Mrs. Hammond a number of pictures taken during the recent "Pilgrimage" and of the dormitory that just burnt down. Martha Berry writes that many of the children who attend the schools have donated their own money to help rebuild the dormitory.


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