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A letter primarily discussing the printing of a picture taken of Mr. Holt, Martha Berry, and Mrs. Crowell in Atlanta.

Bertram Robinson writes to Miss Berry to ask for a picture of herself and maybe one of the Berry school buildings. Robinson wants the picture to put it with an article in a large national newspaper syndicate. The article would appear in 500 newspapers throughout the nation.

The letter says that the Berry Schools will be sending pictures to Mr. Wheeler for the article he is publishing about them.

In this letter Alice Logan Wingo tells Miss Bonner thath Mrs. Phifer wants "pretty pictures," giving examples of the view crossing the lake to the Foundation School and photographs that were in the "brown section" of the Constitution.

The Berry Schools writes to Mrs. Hammond to thank her for the historical pictures. They will be framed in the school shops and hung on the walls of the recitation halls.

Mr. Evan Harvey from Martha Berry thanking her for the interesting picture because she has not seen something like it before. Miss Berry also thanked her for her suggestion to use it. She expresses her appreciation and offers her congratulations and good wishes.

Martha Berry inquires about pictures that she has not yet received from W. E. Brown Decorating company.

M. A. Harrington of W. E. Browne Decorating Co. writes to Miss Berry explaining that he will gladly look after her old pictures.

Letter from Miss Berry to Bachrach Photographers requesting two dozen copies of her picture made from the requested negative.

A note (probably a telegram) informing the Atlanta Constitution of the photos mailed special delivery that day.

Mrs. Allen thanks Ms. Berry for the box of candy she received. She also recounts how she remembered seeing Ms. Berry at one of her functions in Augusta, promoting the school, and hopes to meet her next spring.

Letter to martha Berry from Robert Rowlett thanking her for sending the pictures that he requested of The Berry Schools, while also informing her that he has made a selection from the pictures sent to include in the rotogravure section. He also informs her that he will mail the pictures that he did not use in the issue back to her at once. He also wishes he continued success in her work.

Letter offers a collection of unframed pictures to the Berry Schools if Miss Berry can find an economical way to have them framed.

W. E. Goyne writes that he has sent some lithographs to Berry and hopes that they will be of use. He explains that they are the pictures he telephoned her about when she was recently in New York. He asks Miss Berry to be honest with him and let him know if the pictures won't be of use in the Schools or in some of the pupils' homes so he can find another way to help.

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