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Cannon writes to tell Martha Berry that she has been reminiscing on her trip to the Berry Schools and to thank her for the Mount Berry News. She then tells Martha Berry of her trip to Orlando to visit her brother. She describes the blooming flowers and expresses her regret that she could not take photographs because she forgot her camera. She discusses her visit to Berry and thanks Martha Berry again for her hospitality. She says that she intends to send some celestial photographs for the students after her trip over seas.

The Berry Schools sends a letter with a collection of photos to Mr. Robinson as he requested.

Ethridge asks that photographs to accompany an article she sold to Psychology Magazine be sent.

The Kriegshabers are giving up their home and wonder if a box of textbooks from their library would be useful. Enclosed are photographs "taken the day of the exercises for the new building".

Martha Berry writes to Mr. Jackson saying that it was wonderful to hear his voice on the phone and that she sent him all the literature they have. She explains that Mr. Ford only gave them the buildings and several cars and trucks. She says that they're still suffering from the Ford boom and the editor of the Rome Tribune won't retract the article. She says that she is looking forward to his article and tells him that she will help him with whatever he needs.

Berry reports that a much-admired photograph of sheep under trees at the Foundation School was omitted from negatives and photographs that Fowler sent. She expresses sympathy at the death of Mr. Fowler.

Berry asks that Cooper provide additional copies of a photograph he made, at a price "as low as you possibly can."

Letter from Miss Berry to Bachrach Photographers requesting two dozen copies of her picture made from the requested negative.

Gallagher writes on behalf of photographers Bachrach, Inc. to discuss details for photographs ordered by Martha Berry.

Letter discusses Thelma Lott, an orphan girl from Daytona who has made her way to Berry.

Wingo lets Berry know that Mrs. Hammond has mailed photographs of the Emily Cottage Pilgrims and the girls who took care of them. Wingo will be at Montreat all summer.

The Berry Schools request a copy of a photograph of Martha Berry, Emily Vanderbilt Hammond, and Corinne Roosevelt Robinson that was published in the New York City Journal in December.

Howard thanks Bonner for photographs of Martha Berry's home and the log cabin for the book Georgia Homes and Landmarks. She encloses the story for Berry's approval and sends thanks for the opportunity to visit.

Berry seeks a copy of a photograph taken of her, Emily Vanderbilt Hammond, and Corinne Roosevelt Robinson at the Berry Birthday Dinner. She wishes to have the photograph retouched to eliminate neck and facial lines.

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