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Several clippings from newspaper - including one about peafowls for sale.

Martha Berry is inquiring about a white pea hen for her new white male peafowl.

Martha Berry asks Mr. Griffin to look into a matter for her.

W.S. Griffin sends Martha Berry's money back for her purchase of a white peafowl because the agreement has since fallen through.

Miss Berry is sending a check for the white peafowl and instructions for where it should be delivered.


Mr. Benson tells Miss Berry that he can sell her three white peafowl for $150.00.


Martha Berry writes John T. Benson to inquire about her purchase of a pair of white peafowl, which she has been told he is offering for sale.

Miss Berry asks Grady about the male peafowls at the Foundation School.

Miss Carter asks Miss Berry to take her peahen into the Berry flock because her peacock was killed and her peahen is lonely.


Martha Berry requests peafowl from Howard Coffin because Berry has no hens, only three cocks.



S.G. Mishoel writes to Martha Berry because he secured two peafowls for her. He writes about how to take care of the birds and a number of other topics.


Clausen will ship the birds, white cocks, that Sam ordered. They will cost $30, even though the current rate is $40.

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