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Martha Berry is happy that Miss Matthies is interested in helping Berry, because any contribution is needed. She believes that by helping Berry, the DAR is doing patriotic work.


Martha Berry explains the hardships her students are going through and encourages her friends to help these boys and girls.

Martha Berry addresses "Friend," sharing information about Berry Schools in hopes of receiving a gift in return. We assume $5 was gifted in return from "Anon" on November 28, 1928.

Mr. Herbert L. Aldrich of New York City sent $50 in response to an appeal letter sent by Martha Berry.

Martha Berry shares information about Berry Schools in hopes of recieving a gift in return.

Document is a solicitation from Miss Berry explaining the activities of the school. There is a hand written note from Mr C A Warden who is donating $100.

Martha Berry promotes her school as developing Real Americans as an act of Real patriotism. She tells of the good work that Berry graduates are doing in their home communities. She lists the practical fields of study undertaken by her boys and girls

Mrs. Ford donates $150 to the Berry Schools .

A letter from Martha Berry thanking a chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution for their gift.




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