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Martha Berry sends thanks for the gift and enclosed pamphlet from the United States Unit of Service of 'A Call to all Men and Women of Goodwill in all parts of the World' sent to her from Mrs. Cowl. Miss Berry goes on to describe the weather and happenings at Berry.

This is a pamphlet for donations to be made for scholarships. It tells a true story about a girl named Leafy. Mrs. Evans (It's difficult to read her first name) donated one thousand dollars to the students in need. Keep in mind that where it says author, she did not write the article, but rather the check for the donation.

Mary Bailey Moores sends an $150 scholarship donation.

Mr. Jennings writes to Miss Berry to tell her that he and his wife were much interested in the pamphlet they received on the Berry Schools and asks for more information about it. Because they receive so many calls for help, they ask for a reference from a bank or business so they know that they are making a good investment if they donated to Miss Berry's work.

A flyer or pamphlet sent out asking for monetary donations to assist a girl, Roxie, attend the Berry Schools. Roxie lives in the country with her family, and works to provide her younger siblings with bread to eat. This is a response from Mrs. P.L. Le Brun for three hundred dollars, enough to keep two students in school for a year, according to the pamphlet.

Letter to The Berry Schools form June K. Robinson asking Miss Berry for two copies of The Sunday Lady, a pamphlet outlining Miss Berry's work concerning the Berry Schools, to distribute to two of her friends that might be interested in the work of the schools.

In this letter Mrs. C.C. Paige writes Miss Berry to express her interest in the foundation of the school, and request a new pamphlet to replace her old one that had gone missing.

Letter to Martha Berry from Richard Sears informing her that he has not forgotten her in sending his subscription that year but informed her that he would probably send her a check at the end of the month. He also says that he enjoyed reading the pamphlet that she sent to him about the schools.

Mrs. E. C. Henderson sends a donation for $300.

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