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Martha Berry hopes that Mrs. Hill has received the items that she ordered from the Weaving Department. She says that she inquired and the package was mailed on Friday, March 17th.

Mrs. Heath explains that she sent a package of clothing to the Berry Schools and wants to know whether or not it had been received.

Mr. Hammond thanks Martha Berry for the package of cotton bolls from Berry that she sent him. He then wishes her and her students a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Mr. McAdoo thanks Miss Berry for the package of cotton bolls which remind him of his childhood picking cotton. He thinks he picked at least a thousand pounds, but he finds that this is not true.

Martha Berry thanks Ms. Forrest and gives her an update on her life.



Mrs. DuBois lets Martha Berry know that she has sent a package and Martha Berry sends her thanks in a reply message.


The Berry Schools thanks Miss Dexter for the gift she sent.

Martha Berry thanks the Davis Brothers for the gift they sent to Berry

Post Office form provides notice that a package sent from The Berry Schools was not delivered because the addressee is deceased. The post office requires $0.09 to return the package to Berry.

Munger sends a $1.16 check to cover the express on a package of clothing she sent from Washington.

Mrs. Daugherty sends a package of papers and cards hoping Miss Berry will be able to make use of them.


A letter to Miss Martha Berry informing her of a parcel of things on the way for either Miss Berry or the students use from Isabel Taylor

A thank you letter to Martha Berry for a package she sent to Alexander Coburn Soper.

P. H. Jown of M. Rich & Bros. Co. writes to tell Martha Berry about a Christmas package they have sent for the Christmas tree at The Schools.

Martha Berry thanks Mrs. Nevins for the clothes she sent and tells her that several students may have to drop out without some help.

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