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An order for one of the woven men's neckties for Noel Coward and a $5 bag for Beatrice Lillie.


The writer is apologizing to Miss Gracier for the delay on her order of thread.

Martha Berry asks the company to send her 2 dozen single mesh purple hairnets, and to send them right away.



Martha writes to Miss Ruhnka about a pine needle flower basket, that the school is unable to complete, asking if they should hold the order until next fall or return the money.

Miss Ruhnka wrote back with a note to hold until the fall.

Kate Harvey placed an order for towels made by the Berry students. Unfortunately, when she received the order the towels had an error on them. She still plans to use the towels. Kate just felt that she needed to write Martha Berry and inform her about the mistake.

Letter from Mrs. E.J. Matthews to Miss Berry thanking her for a little bag she had received, and ordering two more and paying $1.50.


Miriam Crew writes to inform Martha Berry that a table she ordered did not arrive, and that a tracer is being sent to ascertain its location.


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Letter letting Mrs. Harvey know that her order for towels and baskets will be made as soon as possible.

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