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Martha Berry writes to Dr. J. H. Kellogg inquiring about him coming to the Berry Schools to give a lecture to her students. She also writes to him about two of her female students who wish to become nurses and asks about the possibility for them to get funded to study with Kellogg.

Porter writes in thanks for a recent visit she made -- only at Berry could she find the love and kindness she needed in a time of trial. She provides details of the visit, and also reports that she is spending some time with Bessie McGinness, who is nursing at Agnes Scott.

In this letter Kate Macy Ladd is describing her summer to Martha Berry. She explains how the doctor strapped her husbands broken leg all the up around his ribs, and that her health at the moment is in good condition.

Frances Long Harper writes that she has had no success in finding someone to help care for Martha Berry's mother other than Mary Pitts, an African American practical nurse whose price she finds too high. She reminds Berry of a promised letter about the Hearn School and Baptist Church property, which she asks Berry to write immediately and send to the Georgia Baptist Convention's Christian Index.

Berry appeals to a "Friend" to donate money to the Berry School so it might keep its doors open during the war and continue to provide a good education for children in need.

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